More free time, more adventure, more life!

Save together with the employer for longer time off with full salary thanks to digital solutions very easy!

For employees

More time for what really counts.

Whether you’re planning a trip lasting several months, want to extend your parental leave or have other ideas for your time off – what you use your extra time for is entirely up to you.

For companies

Deliver a real benefit to your employees.

Bind your employees to your company for the long term with a unique benefit that they can’t afford privately.

Win-Win for employees and the company

What are the benefits of the time value account?

For employees

More time, more life

Improve your work-life balance and spend more time with family, friends and your dog.

Time off from your job with full salary

Enjoy your time off without financial loss. During your time off, you remain employed at full salary.

Retire earlier, even before 63

Start your retirement earlier or work part-time in old age without having to make financial sacrifices.

Save smart, directly from gross salary

Benefit from a tax-optimized option for gross savings and also let your social security contributions work for you.

For companies

Happy employees

Invest in your employees’ work-life balance and increase job satisfaction.

Unique selling proposition as an employer

Position yourself as an innovative and forward-looking employer that offers its employees attractive additional benefits.

Sustainable employee retention

Show your employees that they are important to you and bind them to your company in the long term.

Long-term planning security

Ensure that personnel planning and projects are coordinated smoothly and bottlenecks are avoided.
Get to know the timefonds app. Explore our app and test the free demo version to find out when you can take your first timeout.

And this is how easy it works

In 4 easy steps to a digital time value account

For employees

For companies

1. Download app

Download our free app from the Apple Store or via Google Play Store.

2. Get activated

Follow our instructions and get activated by your employer.

3. Save for your destination

After you select your goal, you can start saving right away.

4. Enjoy time off

Use your extra time to pursue your dreams and goals.

1. Order

Register your company and select a suitable package with the desired number of licenses.

2. Onboarding

Perform digital onboarding with our partner bank.

3. Create empolyees

Unlock the time value account for selected employees on our platform.

4. Make employees happy

Your employees receive a QR code and can start saving directly.

About us

We offer users innovative products to manage their time
As a small, passionate team, our goal is to help people align their individual life goals and desires with their time.
Make more of your lifetime with our digital time value account